Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Can Bring About Depression In Kids

//Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Can Bring About Depression In Kids

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Can Bring About Depression In Kids

chronic-fatigue-syndrome-can-bring-about-depression-in-kidsChronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) does not discriminate against race, gender, or age. Anyone can get CFS and, unfortunately, children are not excluded. A study performed in the United Kingdom observed 542 children in the age ranges of 12 to 18. All of them had chronic fatigue and as many as 29 percent also had depression. Still others in the study suffered from anxiety. This clearly indicates there is a strong link between chronic fatigue and depression in children and young people. According to the National Alliance on Mental Illness, 2 percent of children in elementary school are at risk for depression and 8 percent of teens and preteens fall into this category. This represents millions of children.

Why is depression present in these young people with CFS? It may be linked to how they feel. If you are in pain and tired all the time, you certainly may feel depressed. Being a child and not really understanding what is going on can make it even harder to handle. A diagnosis of CFS can also lead to social isolation — a real challenge for young people and yet another reason they may feel depressed.

Alleviating Chronic Fatigue Through Proper Spinal Alignment

Upper cervical chiropractors have seen much success in helping their patients — young and old — cope with the symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome. CFS has been connected to a misalignment in the top bones of the neck, the C1 and C2 vertebrae. These bones act as a protection for the brainstem. However, if they misalign, they can actually put the brainstem under stress, causing it to malfunction. The brainstem is the communication superhighway between the brain and the body. If it malfunctions and sends improper signals to the brain, chronic fatigue may be the end result. Misalignments can happen easily with active children, those who play sports, or even as the result of a stressful birth.

We use a gentle method to help realign the bones. Our method does not require us to pop or crack the neck. It is safe for both adults and children. Once the misalignment is corrected, many patients report feeling much better overall and see improvement in their chronic fatigue symptoms.

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