Does Light Trigger Migraines?

//Does Light Trigger Migraines?

Does Light Trigger Migraines?

Migraines are very common, affecting as many as 1 billion people worldwide and 39 million in America alone. Women are affected 3 times more often than men. It is nearly impossible to describe the pain associated with migraines unless you actually experience them yourself. It is very debilitating, often causing the sufferer to have to lie down in a cool dark room until the pain subsides.

The financial burden accompanying migraines can be just as intolerable. Healthcare costs add up to $50 million each year just to care for migraines. Work days missed amount to 113 million, costing an average of $13 million to employers in lost revenue.

Migraine Triggers — Is Light One of Them?

One trigger for migraines that has been looked at recently is the impact of fluorescent lighting. It has been observed those sitting under fluorescent lighting on a daily basis for work may be suffering from migraines because of this. A common symptom of migraines is photophobia — a sensitivity to light. Fluorescent lighting gives off what is called a spectrum of light which can be read by the brain as being irritating, leading to a migraine. Migraine patients will be naturally more sensitive to this type of lighting.

Coping with Migraines No Matter Their Trigger

Here at Haan Family Chiropractic in Huxley, Iowa, we help our migraine patients by taking a close look at whether the top bones of the neck, the C1 and C2 vertebrae, are in proper alignment. A misalignment of these bones can put the brainstem under stress, causing communication between the brain and the body to be hindered. Another issue that arises is that a misalignment here can become a kind of blockage and prevent the right amount of blood and cerebral spinal fluid from leaving or entering the brain. This situation can also lead to migraines.

Once we find a misalignment, we use a very gentle method to help realign the bones without the need to pop or crack them. The alignment happens naturally and does not cause further stress to the brainstem. Once the vertibrae are realigned, people often see relief from their symptoms.

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