haan-family-chiropractic-tackles-tourettes-syndromeTourette’s syndrome is known for being an inherited condition. However, this belief does not take into consideration the top two reasons that show genetics is not at play in all cases:

  • Approximately 15% of people with Tourette’s have no genetic links.
  • There is a wide range of variation in character, course, and severity of this condition that cannot be explained by genetics.

Tourette’s Link with Neck Misalignments

In some current research, a link was discovered between Tourette’s syndrome and head and neck trauma. The trauma could be any kind that occurred early in life, even as early as when the person was in the womb. The incident could be as simple as a trip and fall. Tics could happen immediately after the trauma or years later. Is there any way to help with this condition?

Positive Outcomes from a Tourette’s Case Study

The story of a 14-year-old boy who was diagnosed with Tourette’s was published in the Journal of Pediatric, Maternal, and Family Health. He had missed days of school because of the severity and frequency of his tics. The tics became so frequent that they were up to 1000 violent tics per day, so he was admitted into a hospital. He experienced migraines and was extremely exhausted.

The prescription medications he was given in order to treat the tics and migraines accomplished nothing. As his parents continued to look for answers for their son. They began getting treatments for him from an upper cervical chiropractor. The chiropractor identified a misalignment in the bones of the upper neck, which was then corrected. This restored proper communication between the brain and body, giving the boy much needed relief at last. After undergoing only five months of upper cervical chiropractic treatment, the frequency of his tics reduced dramatically, and he was able to decrease his medication intake while continuing to get care from his chiropractor.

At our Huxley, Iowa practice, we use a gentle and precise method of upper cervical chiropractic care that is safe for both children and adults. We achieve incredible results for our patients, and this allows them to return to daily life without the bothersome interruptions of Tourette’s syndrome symptoms.  


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