haan-family-chiropractic-treats-cerebral-palsyCerebral palsy was the condition involved in a case study conducted by Dr. William Amalu. The study studied a 5-year-old boy who had been diagnosed with cerebral palsy, chronic ear infections, legal blindness, and was experiencing as many as 30 seizures a day. He was reliant upon a wheelchair and could not communicate and interact with others normally. When he was examined by an upper cervical chiropractor, a misalignment in the bones of his upper neck was identified. The top bone of the neck, the atlas, was the primary focus.

His sleep quality improved dramatically on the night following his first adjustment. After the second adjustment, they saw progress with his seizures as they were reduced to only 10 per day. His levels of alertness and ability to interact with others improved significantly. He was even able to clap his hands, sit up and look around, and as he continued receiving treatment, his seizures decreased to 5 per day.

Within the 3rd and 4th weeks, his grand-mal seizures disappeared, although the others remained at 5 per day. He started to use words and his vision improved. He also began pulling himself to a standing position and staying there for over 1 minute. His ear infections resolved after having them for 9 months. During the 5th week of care, his neurologist reported that his cerebral palsy was improving. By week 12, he no longer had any outward signs of seizures, and the positive progress continued over the next 10 months. The doctors withdrew his diagnosis of epilepsy, and they took him off all medication. His ear infections resolved permanently, his vision improved to the point where he was able to see with prescription glasses and was even able to walk slowly with assistance.

Upper Cervical Care Helps Cerebral Palsy Patients

When a misalignment occurs in the bones of the upper neck, it can disrupt the signals that are sent to and from the brain and body via the brainstem. This kind of malfunction to the brainstem could lead to a number of the problems listed above. After receiving care from an upper cervical chiropractor, the body can return to its proper function once again, just like this case study reveals.

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