migraines-are-they-the-reason-for-dizzinessIf you have endured a head or neck trauma, you may have migraines accompanied with vertigo or dizziness afterward. Why does this occur? A clue comes from research done using an upright MRI. Additionally, we can find a way to care for migraines naturally when we understand what is going on.

A Case Study Helps Prove the Point

A 54-year-old woman had been dealing with migraines, vertigo, and neck pain after going through a vehicle accident. She endured this suffering for 10 years before seeking the care of an upper cervical chiropractor. After her initial adjustment, all of her symptoms went away!

An MRI Shows the Underlying Cause of Migraines

Dr. R. Damadian, the inventor of the MRI machine, researched the effects of upper cervical subluxation on migraine patients with the assistance of the MRI. If your C1 or C2 vertebra becomes misaligned, the drainage of cerebrospinal fluid from the brain can be negatively impacted. If this important fluid pools in the brain, intracranial pressure can build up and lead to migraines. This build-up of fluid can be observed on an upright MRI. This is what Dr. Damadian was observing during his study. In turn, when the misalignment was corrected, cerebrospinal fluid returned to normal ranges.

How Upper Cervical Chiropractors Can Help

Upper cervical chiropractic is highly recommended for you if who have migraines and vertigo, particularly if you have had a head or neck trauma. Even if your misalignment is only ¼ of a millimeter, you can still have major problems in the body, such as cerebrospinal fluid flow issues. Correcting this misalignment can help improve migraines and vertigo issues.

Upper cervical chiropractors use a gentle method to realign the bones of the neck. We do not have to resort to popping or cracking the spine to get positive results. Rather, the method we use is gentle and encourages the bones to move back into place on their own, resulting in similar results to those in the above-mentioned study. Many patients see their migraines go away and not return.

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