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This is an Amazing Story of Vertigo Relief in Huxley, IA.

This Is An Amazing Story Of Migraine Relief In Huxley, Ia.

Two years ago at age 48, I was diagnosed with spasmodic tortocollis and essential tremor. Now I know I had ST for much longer, having been to 3 different chiropractors, each helping me in their own way, but none addressed my upper cervical area. I went to the M.D. and neurologist and was treated with drugs that had bad side effects and eventually wore off. I had to site in a high back chair or lie in bed most of the time for relief from my chronic pain. It was agony to try and bend forward, and I gained weight from being inactive. My head tremored all the time trying to drive me crazy. I can’t praise Dr. Haan and upper cervical enough! My life is 100% better. I am no longer depressed, I am working and can do anything I want! I have a lot of energy and enjoy life again. People diagnosed with ST and tremor should try upper cervical chiropractic before other forms of medical care, as it is so effective, has no side effects, and it simply makes sense!

– A.F.

I had pain below my left knee that felt like thousands of pins going through it every time it was bumped or if I got down on my hands and knees. I also had numbness in lower back. Both of those problems have now completely disappeared. I am amazed because my M.D. had told me that I was getting older and would just have to learn to live with it.

– B.R.

Before starting I was unable to do any physical labor without constant back pain going into my legs. I also did not sleep well at night, most of my nights were spent propped up on our couch. I was unable to stand for more than a few minutes without sitting down or leaning against something. I have been able to get back to my normal routine for the most part. I’ve been able to do jobs on the farm that I wasn’t able to do before. My wife claims that I am easier to live with now! I am also able to perform more tasks on the fire department now.

– D.V.

My son has had migraines since he was 4 years old. We had kept quite a few food diaries and gone to our family practitioner who had prescribed medicine but the headaches increased where he was having them every other day. Once treatment started the intensity and frequency of the headaches changed dramatically. He no longer throws up all night with dry heaves. Now when he has a headache we know that he is out of alignment. We as a family can do more things. My son no longer dreads his headaches. He now has more energy, runs, walks, and concentrates better.

– C.M.

I had headaches 3-5 days a week, on good weeks. I have been to my family Doctor and an Ear, Nose and Throat specialist to see about the cause of the headaches. In both cases I was continually assured it was sinusitis or a sinus infection causing the headaches. When I sat down with Dr. Haan for my consultation, he immediately seemed to understand my situation. I no longer have headaches because I have been able to target the causes on a daily basis. I am saving money because I do not have to take 3 boxes of cold and sinus pills a month. I can also run more easily now that my body is more inline. I can now understand and control the headaches that once controlled me.

– A.S.

Before seeing Dr. Haan I was to the point that I had to turn my upper body when I needed to turn my head. My neck and shoulders were in constant pain. The pain was so intense that I had to actually sit up in bed at night in order to rollover and sleep in a different position. I can now turn my head from side to side, up and down, fast or slow! I sleep on my back and sides without giving it a second thought. I can exercise without worry. My airline job is enjoyable now that I don’t rely on co-workers to lift luggage for me. I can do things for myself now.

– L.J.

Before starting Chiropractic care, I had continuous pain in the lower back and left hip which ran down my leg to the toes since the early ’70s, over 30 years! I was also diagnosed with borderline carpel tunnel in the left wrist. X-rays revealed bone spurs on the spine. Physical therapy helped temporarily a few times, but never really made a difference. It was something I had resigned myself to live with the rest of my life. It only took one adjustment for me to notice a difference. I woke up the next morning and it felt like something was missing, and that something was the pain in my hip and leg. In about two months the pain I was having is no longer there, thanks to this method of care. Although with the time I have had the condition there can’t be a complete cure it is so much improved, more than I ever expected! I can now do things without the constant nag of pain or worrying that I will suffer more because of my back. I woke up thinking of what I can do today, rather than what I cannot do because of the pain I was previously experiencing. It feels wonderful to regain some of the activities I had to avoid before.

– C.H.

I came to see Dr. Haan with stabbing back pain. I had taken more than 50 Darvocets (pain tabs) in 12 days prior to coming to get my treatments. I have severe lymphodema of my right arm due to breast cancer complications. My entire body was starting to lean to the right because of the weight of that arm. The weight of the arm was pulling my muscles and back out of place. I had never had Chiropractic care before this. Actually, I was kind of leery because of the “crunching” stories I had heard about from friends and relatives. A couple of good friends told me about Dr. Haan and explained his treatment was very gentle and effective. I was so relieved to hear about him. It has been 2 and 1/2 months and I have not had to rely on pain medication. My lymphodema arm has remained less swollen because the flow of lymph fluid isn’t blocked. My atlas was originally out of place and we’ve only had to adjust that one time since starting treatments. If I listen and adhere to Dr. Haan’s advice, I feel good. I have more energy because I feel better. For the most part my pain is gone and that is a major relief!

– S.O.

Before starting chiropractic care I had been having really bad headaches, I couldn’t really focus, and my eyes hurt. Since receiving care, I don’t have headaches and I could work better and do better in school. I can focus and I can sleep better at night.

– H.B.

I have been plagued by a head and neck turning condition called tortocollis. I have seen over 40 doctors for this affliction. I was injected with botox for over 10 years – 4 times a year. The pain was constant in my neck and back. This has made my life bearable. I had no good days before. Now I have had at least 15 days pain free. Many more with slight pain. Even when I abuse myself falling on the ice/freezing from outside. I may be able to retire doing the job I now have. Before seeing Dr. Haan it was real doubtful. I even hold my great grant-daughter for a long period of time. I had a hard time holding babies as I could not see them.

– E.G.

Before starting with Dr. Haan, I was not doing good at all! I was having severe headaches weekly. Throughout my body I had aches and I couldn’t walk without pain somewhere. Up to 6 times a night I was making trips to urinate, consequently I was always tired and grumpy. Since starting treatment I have not had ONE headache. I can walk indefinitely now without pain. Usually I only go to the bathroom 1 time instead of many. My lower back have not returned. Now I have less pain, more energy, and no depression!!!

– L.B.

When I came to Dr. Haan’s office I had been under chiropractic care for 45 years. I had severe discomfort in the neck, high blood pressure, nauseated, dizziness, and foggy headed. After one month symptoms were all better, I felt great relief after my first treatment. Since starting I have been so excited. I have MS and I am on a journey to heal my body of this disease and as a natural health consultant myself I feel Dr. Haan is the last “piece to my puzzle.”

– L.K.

I had lower back and shoulder pain. I noticed that I was limping and getting “stoop” shoulders. I am no longer limp and I can stand up straight. My pain is almost gone, the doctor keeps me “in tune.” Sleeping is so much improved and food tastes better. We are dancing again!!

– D.S.

Before coming to Dr. Haan my neck bothered me EVERY day. It ached and popped, I had headaches, and I was in constant pain of some sort. Some days I could barely turn my head to look out the windows of the car while driving. It affected my sleep, my work, my attitude, and therefore, everyone around me. Since starting Dr. Haan’s care, my neck pain has almost completely gone anyway. I now just have very few days where I will have some pain and popping. I feel safer driving now since I can turn my head better. My attitude is better! My life in general is better. When you feel bad, it affects every single part of your life. You get to a point when you take your pain out on other people and that’s no way to live!

– T.K.

Before seeing Dr. Haan I had migraine headaches very frequently. I was diagnosed several years ago with Esophageal Reflux Disease, heartburn, regurgitation of acid, peptic ulcer-like pain, and difficulty swallowing to which I was taking lots of medication for both. Since starting chiropractic care, I no longer have any migraines and my stomach pain is gone. I don’t have problems with swallowing and I am not taking any medicine. I sleep better at night and am feeling better all over. It is wonderful not to have to rely on taking medication to just cover up my problems when they are now gone! Dr. Haan has made me feel like a new person!!

– S.M.

I was suffering from frequent headaches, chronic sinusitis, and numbness in neck. I was taking Claritin D on a daily basis. While receiving chiropractic treatment, I experience few headaches, numbness in my neck has completely disappeared, sinuses are much improved, and I rarely take the Claritin D or pain pills for my headache. I am now able to sit at the computer for extended periods of time without my neck going numb.

– J.M.

I am a 69 year old retired State of Iowa employee and a very physically active person. I fell on my right hip but had no noticeable pain until later. I had two MRI’s taken showing that I had a herniated disc in my lower back. I had tried two different chiropractors and other various types of treatments. My condition had not improved and I had so much back pain that I could not drive the family car. On July 14, 2000, I had my initial exam with Dr. Haan. As time and treatments continued, the neck and back pain showed a marked improvement. By late October 2000, I was again driving the family car without much pain, although still having lower and mid-back pain, it was tolerable. I have become more physically active and occasionally “over-do-it”. With continued treatments with Dr. Haan and his encouragements, he manages to keep me and my back about 80% pain free! I will continue to have tune up treatments with Dr. Haan.

– D.P.

Before coming to Dr. Haan I had walked with a pronounced limp for twenty years. The last two years I noticed I had trouble turning my head because of my stiff neck, especially during driving. Since starting chiropractic, my limp has been corrected with treatment. Now that my body is in alignment, my neck has unlocked so my head turning is easier and much less painful! I am very pleased with the results from my treatments.

– D.C.

My back was causing me extreme pain since I’d had my son a year ago. I didn’t do anything about it, thinking it would go away on its own. I finally decided to do something about it when I could hardly pick up my son. I have learned better posture to keep my spine more aligned. My back is no longer causing me severe pain. I can pick up my son now – pain free!! I am sleeping better and am having more energy.

– W.W.

When starting with Dr. Haan, my back had constant spasms which would cause me great discomfort almost everyday. I no longer have the spasms and have become aware of ways to moderate my lifestyle which helps alleviate possible pain.

– F.M.

My back pain was so bad that I wasn’t able to lie on my back, bend over, or get up out of a chair without pain. I had difficulty sleeping and there was pain in my right arm. My back pain has lessened tremendously. The pain in my right arm has diminished so much that I do not take medicine I had prescribed to help with the pain.
My energy level is higher and I feel like doing more even after a full day’s work!

– P.H.

Before my first visit to Dr. Haan I was feeling old and crotchety and I am only 40! I had debilitating monthly headaches lasing 2-3 days in duration associated with my menstrual cycle, a sharp pain between my shoulder blades, sciatic radiating down my left leg, a painful lower back, occasional numbness, and a bad bunion – for which I teased Dr. Haain chiropractic could do nothing about. I accepted all, except for the headaches, as the normal aches and pains of mid-life. Surprisingly, the first improvement I noted immediately was the bunion pain was gone! The pain between my should blades and hand numbness which I had lived with for a decade vanished too. In the weeks of treatment that followed, the sciatic radiated to the right side and flairs up only mildly. I feel much younger (10 years!), play tennis three times a week, have more patience and energy with my husband and children. Most importantly, those awful headaches lost all of their intensity and I have not had a recurrence of a full blown headache since my first adjustment. I am convinced of the health benefits of chiropractic and indebted to Dr. Haan’s commitment to the care and education of his patients.

– L.M.

Before starting chiropractic care, I had been suffering from migraines. I had migraines for many years, however, they were now lasting longer than 24 hours and really starting to affect my life. Since beginning my treatment with Dr. Haan I have only suffered one migraine. With Dr. Haan’s help, I was able to get it under control in a matter of hours, not DAYS!! My overall health and outlook has changed with the help I have received from Dr. Haan. I’d hate to even think where I would be if I hadn’t sought out the treatment of chiropractic care. I tell everyone now! It’s wonderful treatment and so much better than using medications that we really don’t know what the long-term effects can be.

– J.R.W.

I was feeling very poorly and my neck would hardly turn. I was having visual problems that made driving difficult. Lifting my arms was very painful, I had lower back and hip problems. I was really desperate. Every part of my body feels better! I had to have a lot of gentle treatments on my neck, that was my worst area. My vision is much better, although it worsens when I lose my rotation. My back, arm, shoulder, and hip are feeling great! I am sure I am much more pleasant to be around now that I fell like a different woman. It no longer hurts for me to bend or lift my neck. I am so thankful to have found Dr. Haan. I wasn’t new to the chiropractic adjustments, but the techniques Dr. Haan use were. It works!

– D.D.

When I started with Dr. Haan I had lots of pain in my lower and middle back. I had a very stiff neck and trouble sleeping without aspirin and/or sleeping pill. Since starting the pain in my neck and back reduced significantly. I go many days and don’t notice pain. I am able to turn my neck without rotating my whole body. Most nights sleep comes easily without medication. I am enjoying long walks because I feel better. I have more confidence now at work and try to keep from regressing into habits that led to some of the pain.

– C.L.

A neurosurgeon was encouraging me to schedule surgery due to a herniated disk in my neck. My husband and I were not comfortable with this, even though I had very little strength in my left arm, pain in my neck and shoulder, and numbness in my left hand. Our pastor’s wife referred me to Dr. Haan. From May to September my condition has improved greatly. I now have full strength in my arm, no pain, and numbness in the tip of one finger only! Surgery is out of the question. My family and I are thankful for my regained health. I am looking forward to continuing my responsibilities as a family caseworker, farm wife, and mother of 4 children.

– S.T.

The pain in my arm was affecting my whole body. I was slowing down in every part – neck, arms, legs, feet and back. The pain I had when lifting my arm is completely gone and I can use my arm again. I am able to take walks and do my housework again pain free. I had lost a lot of energy due to the pain and it was affecting my whole body. My energy has returned and I was able to resume playing golf and all other activities that I was involved in before.

– R.S.

Before starting care I had been in constant pain in the lower back, neck and right shoulder. I had frequent migraines and experienced upset stomach and acid reflux. There were times that I wasn’t able to turn my neck from side to side. My lower back and neck and shoulder are free from constant pain. I have more flexibility in those areas. My body seems to be freed up in all of the organs as well. My energy level and mental attitude have improved with each treatment. I haven’t had a migraine since starting my treatments with Dr. Haan and I no longer take the “purple pill” for acid reflux.

– S.H.

I was not able to participate in any sports, I could not go boating with my family and I was in constant pain to the point my back would swell and my leg would get numb and tingly. I was receiving other care and then transferred to this office. I am now able to play sports, lift weights, and I am not constantly backing out of plans because it my hurt my back. I can enjoy exercising again and I am able to perform at my job which I could not have done before. I have energy now to do school work and get things done and what is great is I am never sick anymore.

– J.B.

I first came to see Dr. Haan for relief of frequent tingling in my right arm. This was becoming so frequent throughout the day that it was interfering in my ability to work on my computer, and it was interrupting my sleep at night. During his diagnosis he also identified my reduced neck mobility and back pain, as well as a long standing acid reflux condition and nocturnal leg cramps that I had been treating with prescription medications. The tingling in my arm, caused by a pinched nerve in my neck, has stopped completely within a few weeks of treatment. I can now turn my head 90 degrees to each side — a vast improvement! The acid reflux and leg cramps have been reduced significantly too. My back rarely aches like it one did. As I turn 50, I have a much better outlook on my health — my body isn’t as old and decrepit as I was feeling it was for the last several years!! Thank you Dr. Haan, Dr. Lindquist, Vickie, Diana, and Carrie — and God bless you all for the incredible gifts of health that are given through you.

– K.K.

I was faced with the prospect of having surgery on my neck, with no guarantee of improvement. I had been diagnosed with 3 herniated discs from C3 – C7. I was in constant pain. I always felt stress in my neck and most generally had a headache that was so intense I could barely function. I had lost better than 70% of strength in my left arm. I was unable to sleep. I am feeling much better since starting with Dr. Haan. The numbness in my arm has been gone since my second adjustment. I still feel some tension in my neck and shoulders but the headaches are better. My whole outlook on life has changed. I cannot begin to tell you how much better I feel. I have had this problem for 11 years. What Dr. Haan has done has given me my life back, WITHOUT all those risks!!

– T.H.

I fell on the ice so hard that muscle spasms prevented me from moving and the paramedics took me to the hospital. The discs between my L4 and L5 were damaged and were causing severe pain and numbness down my right leg. “Back cracking” chiropractic provided little relief. After 5 years of pain and discomfort, an orthopedic suggested injections. After a friend suggested Dr. Haan, I came in and within 4 weeks my sicatic pain went away and the range of motion in my neck increased dramatically. Surprisingly, the almost constant sinusitis I had experienced began to diminish as well. Outside of the hay fever season, I no longer need to take sinus medications. – J.R.

– J.R.

Before seeing Dr. Haan I had a headache every day. As the day’s went on, my headaches would just get worse. If I would do a quick movement to pick something up, my head would shoot with pain. After seeing Dr. Haan, my headaches are now gone and I am happier and feel more outgoing. I feel 100% better! I feel healthier and I sleep much better. I have so much more energy now and I never realized how much I was missing out on. I feel good when I get up and all throughout the day. It’s great!

– J.F.

Before starting chiropractic care, I had chronic lower back pain for the last few years that seemed to be getting progressively worse. I assumed that age was the main culprit and that I would just have to deal with it. Past physical therapy treatments seemed to work for a while, but my symptoms always came back. My condition has greatly improved with Dr. Haan’s chiropractic adjustments! Simple day-to-tay activities and long walks are no longer a problem for me. I wish I had started chiropractic years ago! As my back pain decreased, I felt less irritable and grouchy. I now have more energy at home and at work – ready to tackle more projects and activities! My husband is also seeing Dr. Haan and has seen much improvement. What a relief to know that I may be able to avoid back surgery someday!

– L.P.

I had experienced acute back and neck pain for many years, from herniated and bulging disks, and an increasing lack of flexibility. This past year, symptoms increased to numbness in my arms, headaches, pressure in my head, discomfort behind my shoulder blades, and sleepless nights from all of the discomfort. Since receiving chiropractic treatments from Dr. Haan, I sleep a great deal with little or no discomfort, and decreased my nightly bathroom visits from five to none! I have not noticed my arms going numb for about a week now. I never dreamed I could feel so relaxed and regain the flexiblity I once had. It is no nice to be able to keep up with my three children, husband, and housework again. It is like having a new lease on life! Dr. Haan’s technique to chiropractic care has been unlike any we have experienced in the past.

– M.M.F.

My son has a mild form of ADD. He has trouble sitting in class and keeping himself under control. After he is adjusted, it is not noticeable right away. Over the time of a few days he is more relaxed. He sits better at school and handles himself much better.

– S.B.

Prior to beginning Chiropractic care with Dr. Haan, I strugged to complete daily tasks without frequent headaches. These headaches became continually worse and affected my work, school, and my attitude. I could no longer live my life this way. When I met with Dr. Haan for the first time, I was pleasantly surprised. He sat down with me and learned about my individual situation. Then created a plan to help me get my life back to normal. This was completely different from the Chiropractic care I had previously experienced. I left that day already feeling better. As my care progressed I felt better and better, my headaches became less frequent and less painful and my attitude changed tremendously. I felt like me again. I am feeling nearly 100% better. I am grateful for everything Dr. Haan has done for me and for the friendly smiles of Carrie and Harriett and the efficient work they perform.

– T.B.

I came to see Dr. Haan about a year ago after 12 years of back problems. I had had many adjustments, buy my atlas never stayed in place for more than two days. I had a lot of back pain, almost continual headaches and my right hip was always very sore. Dr. Haan was the first person who was actually interested in helping me to get better. It has taken some time, but now my atlas stays in place for as long as two to four weeks at a time. I feel so much better! My right hip no longer hurts and I am no longer grouchy. My two small children, ages 4 and 7, have been getting chiropractic care since they were babies. I want them to have the best health possible.

– M.F.

I had not been able to bend over to pick anything up without sure pain! Not only that, I could only move my head to the left 18% and to the right 28%. Well — I can bend over and pick up whatever with the best of them! And also — I can turn my head both ways at 50% thanks to the care Dr. Haan has given me. I have much more energy, free movement and without drugs!! Thanks to Dr. Haan and his staff for their concern with my well being.

– G.R.

I had a lot of headaches and a severe pain between my shoulder blade constantly. My knees hurt when I would exercise. I was not too happy – I was always in pain. My headaches are gone now. I have no pain in my back and I have been able to exercise 5 days a week without knee problems. I feel much more energy and am much happier. I have a good time playing with my kids because I can get on the floor with them now and play active games with them. I sleep much better too!

– C.S.

I had trouble everyday with shoulder pain and at times it was very difficult to concentrate on work due to the pain and the distraction. Since starting with Dr. Haan the pain now has all but disappeared. I only have minor pain about once every couple of weeks and I am also able to move my arm in a greater range of motion. I feel I have a better awareness when it comes to posture and exercise. I am also able to do more activities with the kids such as playing ball, raking the yard, and riding bikes. It feels much better when I wake up in the morning.

– D.D.

I was having headaches and my hands were constantly falling asleep. Following treatment my headaches went away and my hands do not go to sleep as much. I now feel healthier and my work is going better too.

– T.S.

Even though my age was 86 years, my health situation was good but my spine was in terrible shape. One of the worst cases Dr. Haan had ever seen. I could hardly walk without the help of another person and a cane, later a walker, I improved after 3 months to where I could walk into the office with a cane but not use it! After 3-1/2 months I started driving again and living somewhat a normal life. I am satisfied with the decision to have Dr. Haan help instead of pain pills or shots.

– W.M.

Before starting I used to have severe migraine headaches at least once a week. These headaches would put my life on hold for up to a day. Since starting my treatments with Dr. Haan, I rarely have a severe headache. Dr. Haan has taught me how my posture and activities influence my tendency for migraines. Now that I have put these new learned practices into my day-to-day life, I no longer lose a day a week out of my life. I am much more in touch with what my body is trying to tell me.

– M.H.

I had severe pain in my neck and lower back. My diabetes numbers were high and I could not walk much. Since coming to Dr. Haan, the pain has lessened very much. I can walk better and I am more active. I am able to lean over the sink to wash my face and get to the bottom of my bookcases and cupboard. I can turn my head further and get into my car easier. My energy level is better! I am now hopeful for my future health. My fear is now gone, which came last July with diabetes and urination, since my numbers are now much lower. This is my change for rejuvenation! Thank You.

– B.M.

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