Tackling Migraines Head On

//Tackling Migraines Head On

Tackling Migraines Head On

tackling-migraines-head-onMigraines are not something anyone wants to experience. Unfortunately, they are a reality for some 39 million Americans. Worldwide, 1 billion people suffer from this debilitating neurological condition. Contrary to popular belief, migraines are not just ordinary headaches. They are much more severe, and they are often accompanied by nausea and vomiting, sensitivity to light, sound, and certain smells, dizziness or vertigo, and visual disturbances.

Those in the medical community as well as migraine sufferers find this neurological condition frustrating. Not only caring for them but diagnosing them can be a real challenge. Your primary care doctor may order blood tests to determine if you have a problem with your blood vessels. Another thing that may be suggested is a CT scan or an MRI to see if there is something like a tumor causing your migraines. A more invasive procedure, a spinal tap, may be used to see if there is something more serious going on. However, migraines are so little understood that these tests may not provide the answers you or the doctors are looking for.

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Traditional Care for Migraines

Seeking care from your medical doctor may result in a suggestion of over-the-counter medications or something stronger like a prescription painkiller. Some prescription medications work as a preventative measure while others are taken to stop the attack once it has started. These medications come with quite a variety of dangerous side effects. Upper cervical chiropractors take an alternative view of migraines. Their patients have benefitted from this by seeing relief of their migraine symptoms.

Taking the Natural Route to Care for Migraines

Upper cervical chiropractors focus on making sure the top bones of the neck are in proper alignment. If not, this may be the underlying cause of your migraines. The top bones of the neck, the C1 and C2 vertebrae, can be to blame for the pain of migraines. If they are misaligned, they put the brainstem under pressure and cause it to send improper signals to the brain.

By using a gentle method to encourage the bones of the neck to move back into place, we help many of our patients find relief for the pain of migraines.

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