Step One

On your first visit we will take the time to listen to your health concerns during the consultation. Once we fully understand the nature of your condition and how it is affecting your life we will perform a through chiropractic examination in order to determine the possible cause of your problem.

Step Two

Step 2 - XrayIf the results of the exam indicate spinal misalignment is present then specific three dimensional x-rays will be taken of the upper cervical spine. These unique views are needed to obtain specific vectors of correction. X-rays of other spinal areas may be taken as well if indicated during the exam.

Step Three

Once the x-rays have been analyzed a report of findings will be presented. Following the report of findings we are now ready to give the first gentle and specific adjustment. The upper cervical adjustment is given on the side of the upper neck using a precision adjusting instrument. The adjustment is precise, painless, and involves no twisting or “cracking” of the neck. After the first adjustment is complete a follow up test will be performed to determine that the adjustment was successful. We will then put together a care plan designed to help you achieve maximum results. Our gentle and specific approach to spinal correction has helped thousands with a variety of health concerns. At Haan Family Chiropractic our goal is to correct the cause of your problem not just cover up the symptoms. Your body has a tremendous ability to heal itself once the interference to health is removed.

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